The third learning activity took place in Slovenia from 23 to 25 October 2019. It was led by the local partner Visoka Sola Za Storitve (VIST).

Photo credits: Saša Ribič

Day one

The meeting opened with a lecture by PhD Itzok Bončina on the history of photography: how the medium developed up until today and how this has affected the world, starting from ourselves and our own perception. Together we explored how photography is constantly changing not only in terms of technology but also as means of expression and communication. In the years, this has contributed to major changes in history, advertising, fashion, political messages, ecology, as well as in our awareness of global issues and responsibilities. It changed the way we tell and share our life stories, but also our sense of humour and fantasies. The group was then introduced to the basics of photography and light, which we put into practice during the afternoon workshops with VIST students.  

Day two

Photographer Primož Lukezič lectured the group on composition and perspective, introducing key concepts such as space, format, balance, rhythm, contrast, domination and dominance. All those aspects served as a basis for the photo-challenge of the following day. In preparation of the last learning activity on AR in Madeira, Paulo Belo from Portuguese partner ECCP held a preliminary workshop on Zappar, the app we will use to create our Visual Library of Cultural Heritage. In the afternoon, Itzok Bončina accompanied the group in a guided tour around the historical centre of Ljubljana, where we could apply what learned while visiting key city landmarks and attractions. 

Day three

On the last day we met at the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia for a guided tour of their photo-archive and of the retrospective exhibition dedicated to photojournalist Nace Bizilj. Each national team was then given a photo challenge to test the knowledge gained during the entire learning activity. The challenge – won by the Czech team – required each group to select a cultural heritage site and take 8 pictures of it, each based on one of the effects and composition criteria presented in the previous days. 

Step 3


Basics of photography


How photograpy changes our world