The first learning activity took place in Czech Republic from 26 to 28 February 2019. It was lead by the local partner Knihovna Kroměřížska, with the contribution of external experts and professionals.

Day one

The first day opened with an introduction on the definition of cultural heritage, in its tangible and intangible components. Examples from national heritage were then used for three hands-on workshops, held by the Romanian, Czech and Italian teams on traditional sewing, Easter traditions and social reading, respectively. In the afternoon, Lenka Macháčková from the Czech National Heritage Institute held a presentation on how to document and describe cultural items. A final session on cataloguing librarianship practices was then held by the local staff to help participants in their research activities during the project. 

Day two

Based on what learned on the first day, the second one was dedicated to on-site documentation. Two study visits were organized to the Ton factory, the renowned brand of bended wood furniture, and to the pilgrimage site of Hostýn.

Day three

The meeting closed with each partner organization presenting their list of national cultural heritage items. It also included a demonstration on the AR potential by the Maltese team and sessions on how to create flashcards and increase the engagement around the project activities.

Step 1


Cultural Heritage


Documentation Outdoor practice procedure


Documentation. Case Study Template


Case Study Exemple


Dissemination Malta Presentation