Valcea County Library Romania


Biblioteca Judeteana Antim Ivireanul

Biblioteca Judeteana “Antim Ivireanul” is the Valcea County library and opened to the public in 1950.Its mission is to contribute to the cultural prosperity of local community members by creating an easy access to ideas and information and offering support for personal and professional development for a wide range of users: children, teenagers, adults, unemployed, retired, people with special needs, socially disadvantaged people, abandoned children etc.

The library has an encyclopedic collection of over 400 000 units and several spaces for learning, conferences, events and leisure activities. Its unique architecture includes a glass-stained window dome by local artist Gheorghe Dican: with 86 pieces and a surface of 142 square meters it is the largest of Romania. It also hosts the Art Gallery “Alecu Ivan Ghilia”, with 82 personal paintings donated by the painter, and the “Europe Direct Valcea” office.

Visual Library of Cultural Heritage

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