Cheritage is a three-year* Erasmus+ project (2018-2021) involving 8 European countries in the creation of a visual library of cultural heritage accessible in augmented reality. The project is based on a learning-by-doing methodology engaging adults in the use of technology for content creation. During the project, the participants will work to present a list of the most relevant items of their national heritage in this innovative and enriched form. This will lead to the creation of an online visual gallery of European cultural heritage, accompanied by a visual portfolio of flashcards to be distributed locally and accessed in AR mode. 

*Cheritage started as a two-year project but its duration was extended by one year after the Coronavirus outbreak, in order to have the possibility to complete all the scheduled activities that had to be temporarily suspended due to the restrictions in force. 

The project goals

Through the promotion of cultural heritage in an innovative way, Cheritage aims to increase the sense of belonging to European values, highlighting the national specificity of the States involved. In line with the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET2020), the project aims to achieve the following goals:

  • increasing awareness on the European cultural heritage

  • prototyping a learning method based on augmented reality

  • developing adult learners’ digital skills using AR technology

  • facilitating the transfer of innovative practices to the European educational communities

The project phases

The project was launched in Romania in October 2018, whereas its results will be showcased in Italy at the Turin International Book Fair in May 2020. Other two transnational meetings will take place in Greece (June 2019) and Ireland (July 2020), for mid-term and final evaluations, respectively. The learning process will be based on four learning activities, conducted by professional trainers on the following topics:

The project partners

Find out more about the project partners and countries involved**

Czech Republic

Knihovna Kromerizska


European Institute for Local Development


Inventya Ventures


Associazione Culturale Twitteratura


TR Associates


Escola Profissional Cristóvão Colombo


Biblioteca Judeteana Antim Ivireanul


Visoka Sola Za Storitve

**The partner organisation from Malta withdrew from the project partnership in 2019 due to internal organisational reasons. The partner organisation from Ireland decided not to take part in the project extension, concluding its partnership in 2020 as initially agreed.