Cheritage Dissemination event Italy

Dissemination in Italy

Langhe as the perfect setting to share the Cheritage journey: the Italian partner presents the project to tourism managers to be.

On 21 June 2021, Associazione Culturale Twitteratura, organized a dissemination session of the project results targeted at the students of Fondazione ITS two-year course in Tourism Product Management.

The session was hosted during a field trip of the class to Santo Stefano Belbo at Fondazione Cesare Pavese. Santo Stefano Belbo is the hometown of Cesare Pavese (one of the most famous Italian intellectuals of the 20th century) and is located in the Langhe area (UNESCO site), a reason why the Langhe and Cesare Pavese were included among the items chosen by the Italian team.

The session was attended by 24 students aged between 20-30, who were introduced to the project goals and activities and could access the posters that had just been created and published within the visual library of cultural heritage as an output of the fourth learning activity.

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