Uncover Vâlcea

Uncover Vâlcea/2

Uncover Vâlcea, the replica of Cheritage by Vâlcea County Library is in full swing. Second step: training on digital platforms.

The second learning activity of “Uncover Vâlcea” took place in December 2019. The focus of this second series of workshops was the creation of cultural messages using digital platforms. The activities proposed were based on what learned during the second Cheritage learning activity held in St. Gillian, Malta, in May 2019.

The training involved 114 students and 7 teachers overall and was led by the Cheritage trainees in Vâlcea County Library between 13 and 19 December 2019.

In the next training session the participants will  learn how to take pictures of the their local cultural heritage. This third learning activity, inspired by the Cheritage one in Slovenia, will take place in January 2020.

“Uncover Vâlcea” is a new project launched by our local partner and project coordinator, Vâlcea County Library, based on the experience gained so far thanks to Cheritage and its learning activities. Launched in October 2019, it will run until May 2020, involving local students and teachers in the promotion of the cultural heritage of Vâlcea County.

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