#cheritage social reading

Social reading for cultural heritage

The Italian partner, Associazione Culturale Twitteratura, launched #Cheritage, a social reading game to promote a reflection on cultural heritage among the readers of its online community.

As part of the Cheritage project, the Italian team had in fact decided to create their list of national cultural heritage items in the form of a literary journey across Italy. Their list thus includes great works of the Italian literature combined with the places where they were set or that inspired their authors.

This list will be published on the social reading app Betwyll, enriched by texts, pictures and videos to stir debate around cultural heritage and the meaning it has for people.

On Betwyll, created by the Italian association in 2016, it is in fact possible to read and comment on texts following a shared reading calendar and using short messages of 140 characters.

There, from 1 to 24 August, their TwLetteratura community will be invited to join #Cheritage and discuss in real time about cultural heritage. The social reading game will however remain open to comments for the entire duration of the Cheritage project. The corpus of the messages collected will in fact serve as a basis for the creation of the project AR contents.

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