Cheritage kick-off meeting Romania

The project kick-off

The eight partners gathered in Romania for the official kick-off. Let the Cheritage journey begin!

Cheritage was officially launched in Romania on 25 October 2018. 

The delegations of the partner organizations met for the first time at Biblioteca Judeteana “Antim Ivireanul” in Ramnicu Valcea for the project kick-off meeting at the presence of the local authorities. 

Biblioteca Judeteana “Antim Ivireanul” is the Valcea County Library and the project coordinator. It boasts a collection of over 400.000 units, including books, documents, periodicals, graphic works, photographs and maps. It also hosts a Peace Museum and an art gallery. Its impressive stained-glass dome by local artist Gheorghe Dican is the largest of Romania. 

During the meeting, the project coordinator gave a general overview of the project roadmap, highlighting goals, planned activities, expected outputs and mutual responsibilities. The group also discussed management and communication issues, to ensure the best coordination possible. 

The kick-off meeting was the first of a series of transnational meetings meant as coordination and sharing occasions among the partners. After Romania, the group will meet in Greece for the mid-term evaluation (June 2019), in Italy for the presentation of the project outputs (May 2020) and in Ireland for the final evaluation (July 2020). 

A dive into local culture 

The following day the group enjoyed a study visit to the town of Horezu, as a remarkable example of the Romanian cultural heritage. The town is renowned for its traditional pottery and its 17th-century monastery, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. During the trip, the group had the chance to join a demonstration of clay processing in a traditional pottery workshop and a guided tour of the Contemporary Traditional Art Gallery hosted by the Horezu House of Culture. They then moved to the monastery, a masterpiece of the Romanian Renaissance realised in the so-called “Brâncovenesc style”, a mix of Ottoman, Byzantine and Baroque architecture. 

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